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Daniel H. Bennett, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church here. The contracting parties were Larry T. Ingram and Hester A. Parker, and the minister was Rev. Hemmersley, pastor of the church. Mullen, Mr. Noah James, formerly of Sussex county, Del.

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Parsonage, in Georgetown, on April 1st, by the Rev. Walton, Mr. Jefferson to Miss Lizzie W. Bryan, both of Sussex county. Clendaniel to William P. Jefferson, of Cedar Creek. Mary Jewell, was recently married to Emma Smith, daughter of Mrs. Ezekiel Smith. The groom is 16 years of age and the bride three years younger. The children have been lovers for many years, and nearly inseparable. They have lived on adjoining farms and each day would go to and return from school in each others' company.

The school teacher, knowing of their devotion, allowed them to sit together. During the past two years the children wanted to be married, but the parents would ot give their consent, owing to their extreme youth. But they were determined, and a few days ago the parents consented. Both are small for their age, and when they stood before the officiating clergyman, the bride in short skirts, their appearance excited comments from the spectators. Nathaniel B. Johnson and Miss Emma W. Truitt, daughter of William A.

Truitt, were married at Avenue M. William A. The ceremony will be performed at the home of the bride's parents, on Wednesday afternoon, November 18, at o'clock.

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Erasmus R. Jones a wealthy horseman of Bridgeville, was married yesterday to Miss Etta Gray, well known in society circles of Delaware, at the home of the bride's parents. Between Daniel Jones single man and Elizabeth Roades single woman. Lewis, Del. Oct 1, Joseph, both of Georgetown were married at the home of the bride last evening by Rev.

Announcement of the marriage of George Thomas Kay, of Chicago, and formerly editer of a Seaford newspaper, were received here today.

Kay was wedded to Miss Olive Loos, at the home of her parents, Mr. George A. Loos, at Barbara, Wis. Last night at the home of Thomas Marvil, his only daughter, Mrs. Mary McCaraher, was married to William Kenney, a widower, 76 years of age. Miss Bessie Culver, daughter of Mr. Culver, was quietly married to W. Killman, of Phillipsburg, N. Miss Clara Lank and John B.

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Knowles, both of this town, were married at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage here last night. Roche, Mr. John Krems, formerly of this city to Miss Jane S. Lofland, of Georgetown, Delaware. In Philadelphia, Jan.

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Smiley, R. Davis, daughter of G. Davis, Esq. In Philadelphia, on the 22d inst. Kenny, Capt. Lawson to Miss Julia A. Ellegood, both of Philadelphia, but formerly of this County.

Martin Lakates went to the parsonage of the Methodist Protestant Church last night and were quietly married. Pastorfield, Mr.

Minos B. Lingo to Miss Sophia H. The bride is well and favorably known in this city, she having spent a few seasons here. Her home is at Bethel, Del.

Loflin is a son of Mr. Loflin and is engaged with his father in business.

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John H. Long, of Dagsboro, Del.

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Church by Rev. James Carroll. Dryden was groomsman. The church was filled with a large number of friends. We wish them a safe and happy voyage on life's turbulent sea and be delighted in wedlock sailing. Whatever their plight may be. Long, Dagsboro, Del. Miss Sallie M. Coates and Grover C. Lord were married last evening in Greenwood.

William R. Tubbs, William S.

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