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While the ongoing measles outbreak has focused attention on vaccination rates at kindergartens, the even more vulnerable population at preschools and day cares may also be at risk from vaccine-preventable diseases.


Nearly 30 percent of county preschools failed last fall to submit state-required vaccination data. In Los Angeles County, Statewide, Twelve percent of childcare facilities statewide — 1, out of 10, — failed to submit their required reports to the California Department of Public Health last fall. In Los Angeles County, the number of preschools that failed to submit the required report was staggering — facilities out of the county total of 2, The state, however, has no teeth to force child-care facilities and preschools to report their vaccination rates.

And there is nothing in proposed legislation that would change that. The state Department of Social Services is in charge of licensing child-care facilities and making sure they have up-to-date records on each student. But they do not compel facilities to submit fall vaccination rates to the state health department. Of those that did report fall numbers, 16 Los Angeles County preschools and day-care centers stand out with zero of their children completely up to date on required immunizations.

Health officials recommend adults check immunization records -

Administrators at some preschools said there are various reasons why children may not have their full vaccinations. Some parents place their kids on a delayed schedule, while others opt them out of vaccinations altogether.

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At Great Beginnings Preschool, a private school in Valley Village, 41 of its 43 admitted children were enrolled for the school year without all their required shots, according to state data. Thirty-eight children had received their first MMR shot, the vaccine that protects against measles. At Bethany School, a preschool in Long Beach, the data show children enrolled in the fall, though administrator Tonia Hill said there are now children.

She said every child at the school has to have a vaccination record even if it shows their shots are not up to date.

Reasons a kid may not have all the required shots include alternative schedules, medical conditions or personal exemptions, which, by state law, have to be signed by a health care provider. Countywide, 9. That does not include an additional 2. Statewide, 7. For every 1, children who get measles, one or two will die from it.

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There's some confusion around who is vaccinated and who isn't, thanks in part to changes made to the vaccination in the s and changes made to the protocol around the vaccination in the s. The first measles vaccine was introduced in There were two types of vaccines at the time - one that was inactivated, or "killed," and another that was activated, or "live.

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In , health officials began recommending two doses of the vaccine. That means that adults born before then may have only received one shot. For that reason, most experts agree that it's a good idea to get a second shot if you know you only received one as a child. That said, it's not cause for panic if you are unable to do so.

Vaccination rates at California’s schools

Greg Wallace of the CDC told us in that the organization's greatest concern is getting unvaccinated people vaccinated, because that's the primary way a disease like measles is going to spread. For those who do want to get the vaccine or the booster, L. County's public health clinics are offering them for free to the uninsured or underinsured. Correction: A previous version of this story stated that there were 38 cases of measles in L. That is the number for the state of California.

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