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Whatever the dispute may be, this could result in a meet and confer process between the lawyers. In our experience, if the spouses cooperate in correcting the deficiencies, this process can be completed within a few hours of time, or less. The more unreasonable one spouse or both spouses are, the more time consuming the process becomes. This one is nearly impossible to estimate because it all depends on the extent of the litigation. Unfortunately, that court appearance first requires one spouse to file a request for order with the court, state the nature and extent of that spouse's position and have a court date assigned.

Then, the other spouse files a responsive declaration.

What if My Spouse Won't Cooperate in a California Divorce? - Legal Action Workshop

There may be other paperwork filed such as witness lists, exhibit lists, etc. This entire process may cost thousands of dollars in attorney's fees.

Residency Requirement and Reasons for Divorce

With two W2 employees, child support should not result in much of a dispute. Once the spouses determine parenting time either through an agreement which becomes a court order or a contested hearing where orders are made , the rest is usually easy. Spousal support on a temporary basis is also usually straightforward because temporary spousal support in the hypothetical we provided will likely also be a computer program.

Since support related disputes typically piggy back in the same paperwork and at the same hearing as custody and parenting time, the time commitment isn't too bad.

Of course, some of that depends on the spouses and whether there are issues of imputation of income and whether one spouse actually wants a vocational examiner appointed to the case. Click on the article link in the preceding sentence to learn more about the vocational evaluation process. Date of separation disputes in California divorces are common. That is because the date of separation can make a significant impact in analysis of community versus separate property, spousal support and other issues. If the spouses cannot agree on date of separation and they actually litigate it, the Family Court may set that issue for a hearing.

Depending on the number of witnesses, exhibits and evidence involved, a date of separation hearing may cost thousands of dollars. Trials are the most difficult part of a case to estimate. There is simply too much that goes into them. Again, using the same hypothetical as above, you would hope trial would not be complicated nor lengthy.

Spousal Support in California

But if the spouses agree on nothing and every issue goes to trial, tens of thousands of dollars may be spent on attorney's fees and costs. We encourage you to read our informative guide on California divorce trials. If you are a middle class income divorce with minimal custody issues and your spouse is just being difficult, your divorce will cost you more to complete but you also have rights pursuant to Family Code section to get attorney fees and costs against your spouse for that unreasonable conduct.

You don't have to wait until the end of the case. You can seek these attorney's fees in the form of sanctions early in the case. Our attorneys know this first hand because we have been successful in doing exactly that. If there is also an income disparity or disparity in access to money between you and your unreasonable spouse, then, in addition to Family Code section , you also have a "need" for fees. Family Code through gives a spouse the right to seek attorney's fees and costs.

Our attorneys have also successfully obtained such fees against spouses with a greater income. If you are the higher earner and your spouse the lower income earner is being unreasonable , you also have rights.

How Much Does Divorce Cost in California?

Don't fret just because you think you make more money. Here is the bottom line. It all depends on what the reason for the fight is. So how much does a divorce cost with facts like these varies greatly from case to case. Thus, since cases like this are very unique to their facts, a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney is a must before any budget can be set. Yes, your attorney should discuss a budget with you. That is part of any divorce strategy. We do so with every client at our family law firm.

While there is no way to predict the total fees you may spend, good planning, preparation and budgeting can go a long way to keep your focus on spending money on issues that matter. The attorneys at Farzad Family Law are ready to help you. Contact us for a strategy session. We have offices in Orange County and Los Angeles. We represent divorce and family law clients in each of the seven Southern California counties. With some preparation and planning, the question how much does a divorce cost doesn't have to be a daunting one any more.

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Divorce Laws in California

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He promised me to pay the divorce but he never did. I emailed his family to make him go to a lawyer. He went to Sandy Roxas Law in Torrance. The case is now pending. I talked to Ms.

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Roxas over email and she said she can not reach him anymore and can not help me. She is no longer his Attorney of Record. I tried to call him and emailed him. I even talked to his friends.

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