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Pennsylvania — The Historic Pittsburgh Census Project allows users to search early to censuses of the city. The records can be searched by a variety of means, including by name, by street, by city of birth and by occupation. The website then converts the address into the appropriate census enumeration district. This makes a good second check for people who were not able to find their ancestors through the FamilySearch website.

World — The year marks the th anniversary of the start of World War I. There will be many websites launched in to commemorate this event. A good place to follow the action is the First World War Centenary website. It provides useful information on upcoming events and website launches. It also has a very useful guide for genealogists wanting to research soldiers from WWI.

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Washington — FamilySearch. This collection spans the years from to and includes various types of records such as vital, probate, school, tax and naturalization records. This collection now totals some 5. The images are organized by county and then record type. Below is a sample image of a school register. Some This is a massive addition to free online records from Ellis Island. National — Genealogy Trails continues to add new genealogy records on a daily basis from across the United States. All of the information is sorted by state and region.

The website now has a couple million records.

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This is one of the best free genealogy websites available and it is worth checking out on a regular basis. It can also be searched using the Genealogy Search Engine. A typical record lists the name, home address, age or date of birth, date of admission, various court information and the signature of the immigrant as shown in the image below.

Wisconsin — The Wisconsin State Historical Society is about half way through digitizing their collection of 8, Sanborn fire insurance maps from across the state. The collection is being digitized alphabetically.

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So far, the towns of Ableman to Marshfield have been completed. For those not familiar with Sanborn fire insurance maps, they were maps drawn up by insurance companies that provide detailed information on types and structures of buildings within a town. Below is a sample image. If you happen to know the address of an ancestor, these maps can be invaluable in providing a detailed layout of an historic street.

Pennsylvania — Record Hunter Search has grown over the past few months. The website hosts numerous historical and genealogical records primarily from Pennsylvania, with some records from upstate New York. Currently, the records are not indexed and exist as images only. Included in the collections are newspaper clippings, obituaries, Revolutionary War pension files and service records. No specific number was given by MyHeritage.

These are essentially yearbooks of middle schools, junior high schools, high schools and colleges from across the United States. This collection contains some 5. The records can be searched by name, location, year and keyword. The nice thing about school yearbooks is they typically provide a rare chance to see photographs of your ancestors when they were young. Florida — FamilySearch. These marriage records date from to This collection can be searched by name and contains marriage affidavits, marriage applications and marriage licenses. Iowa genealogy records can be hard to find so this will be an important collection for anyone with ancestors from the state.

This new collection contains some 1. A typical record lists the full name of the person, town of residence, address, gender, age at time of census, marital status, occupation, military service if applicable number of years in Iowa, birthplace often just listed as a State and place of birth of both parents. See image below. This massive collection tries to index everyone who resided in the US between and The collection is built from telephone directories, driver licenses, property tax assessments, credit applications, voter registration lists and other types of records available to the public.

The collection can be searched by name. An additional , records were recently added to the collection. Many of the records in this collection were for pension payments made to widows see image below. Note how it states the date of death of in this case the widow. This collection can be searched by name and gender. New York — The German Genealogy Group continues to add to its collection of free searchable databases. The group based on Long Island, New York is focussed on German genealogy, but it has a variety of records that would be of interested to many people.

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  7. There are databases for marriages, naturalizations, cemeteries, churches, veterans and even yearbooks. One particularly nice database is the surname database that is a compilation of the German surnames submitted by members of the group that shows how to contact members for various surnames and regions of Germany.

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    California — Ancestry. The index has some 2. These records come from the California Department of Health and Welfare. The city opened the burial ground in to alleviate the overcrowded churchyards and private family graveyards in the city. It was located at the eastern end of what is now Washington Park. This new database contains roughly 3, burial records indexed by last name. One nice thing about Iowa marriage records is that the maiden name of the bride is often listed along with the names of both sets of parents and the birthplaces of both the bride and groom see image below.

    Iowa genealogy records can be hard to find and this is a welcome addition. World — Yad va Shem, the Jewish Holocaust victims website continues to add more genealogy records.

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    The website now records some 4 million names and biographical details. The database can be searched by name and place of residence. Yad va Shem also accepts submissions of testimony and photographs. These petitions date from to and were filed in various federal, state and local courts in New York State. The collection contains some 1. A typical record lists the name of the petitioner, age or date of birth, nationality, date and port of arrival and the court where the petition was filed.

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    National — FindMyPast. PERSI is a subject index for genealogy with more than 2.

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    Access to FindMyPast is by subscription. New York — FamilySearch has created a new indexed record collection of people who lived in the five boroughs of New York City between and This is a massive new collection of some This collection of public records can be searched by name. US - Ancestry. Some 2. Massachusetts - Ancestry. The records consist of about 3. In total with the new additions , Ancestry. Colorado — FamilySearch.

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    Officially, the collection spans the years from to but there also appears to be some records from the late s in the collection starting in These records are from the State of Colorado Division of Vital Statistics and contain basic marriage information such as the name of the bride and groom, age, race, date and place of marriage and the name of the official who performed the ceremony.

    As shown in the sample image below, not all the cards contain complete information. These marriages span the years to Illinois marriage records from this era list the names of the bride and groom, the residence of both a good way to trace the address of the parents , as well as the usual information such as the place and date of marriages and the names of witnesses. These records date from to were filled out by anyone migrating from Canada to the US.

    Eastport is a small community in Idaho on the I due south of Cranbrook, B. Remittance lists are essentially collections of names of people in Eastern Europe and Palestine who received funds or remittances from relatives in the West. These are pdf versions of the original typed lists of who sent funds the remitter - primarily from the US, often from New York and who received funds the payee - typically in Poland, Romania, Russia or Palestine.

    The information on the remitter includes name, address and the amount remitted. The payee lists the name, the location of the payee and how many children where in the household see sample image below. These lists are useful to check if you have Jewish ancestors from the New York region that may have sent money back to the old country as well as looking for Jewish relatives from Poland, Romania, Russian or Palestine during the World War I period. In addition, the website has many other lists associated primarily with refugees during and after World War II.

    National — MyHeritage has announced that the entire collection of US federal censuses in now available on their website. These censuses span every decade from to and cover some million names. World — FamilySearch has changed the look of their website. When you go to the relaunched website for the first time, it should give you a video tour of the website enhancements. Of particular interest is the ability to build a family tree and share photos of ancestors online.

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    We could talk more about the changes, but you should probably see for yourself. Access is still free. The draft registration cards can be searched by name. This is a good record set to search even if your ancestor did not serve in World War I. We have found records of men in their 40s who completed the registration cards. US — Archives.